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01/09/2010, 9:34 am
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We asked some of the Popkomm visitors which acts from the Showcase Festival Programme they were looking forward to seeing and why. Here’s what we got……

D. Strauss

SONIA BREX (Italy/Germany): A Berlin and artworld mainstay unafraid of minor 7 chords and other jazzy errata, Sonia Brex’s unclassifiably eclectic semi-electropop maintains a calmness at its center that should appeal to fans of Barbara Morgenstern, Gudrun Gut and other considered and considerate types.

Movits (Sweden): Swedes have been invading Berlin for the last few years in an effort to garner an illusion of hipness, but they’re generally too young and comfortable to cover up their greenness with a fashionable scarf. Which is why I applaud Movitz for embracing and amplifying their geekiness. Swedish swing revival and Swedish hip hop sound ridiculous on their own: merging the two ends up being honestly charming.

MY HEART BELONGS TO CECILIA WINTER (Switzerland): Sometimes I suspect that European bands study Sonic Youth and Pavement in the same manner that the Rolling Stones hoarded Muddy Waters singles, but, just as an inability to play the blues led to the beginnings of rock music, so My Heart Belongs to Cecelia Winter colludes with the epic ascensions of the late-eighties/early-nineties (and with a touch of Brill Building, as well) to forge something honestly personal.

D. Strauss is Senior Editor of EXBERLINER Magazine. http://www.exberliner.com.

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