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FILEWILE (Switzerland)

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TIME: 20:00-20:30


Andreas Ryser (Dustbowl) and Daniel Jakob (Dejot) started out in 2003 as mobile laptop street musicians at the gates of the Sonar
festival. This swiftly gave Filewile an international reputation. The Filewile sound keeps evolving: Dub influenced Electronica, twisted
Hip Hop, Space Funk with Kalimba and plastic guitars, cut up Farfisa organ sounds and jangling percussion from mistreated echo
devices with cheesy synthesiser sounds mashed up on top to create the rockin’ Filewile sound!
Filewile remix acts like Lunik, Pressure Drop Soundystem, Nicolette, Bonaparte, Da Sign & The Opposite, RQM and many more.
Besides this, Filewile set up the record label Mouthwatering Records (MCD, Algorythm & Blues, the tape vs. RQM, Pressure Drop
Soundsystem usw.) together with DJ Kev the Head,
The work on their debut album “Nassau Massage” (2007) brings inspiring encounters and is the start of the collaboration with Joy
Frempong (Infinite Livez vs. Stade on Big Dada, Oy), she stays loyal to the project and strongly influences it from then on. Another
strong influence on the direction Filewile take is MC RQM (Al- Haca, Stereotyp, The Tape vs. RQM, Jahcoozi). Both Joy and RQM
perform with Filewile alongside bassist Mago Flück (Expander, Zeno Tornado & The Boney Google Brothers) on the 2007/2008 tour,
taking them as far as Mexico, where the projectevolves into an actual band. Further stars on “Nassau Massage” are ragga-queen Baby
Chann, Rider Shafique or the infamous Nicolette (Massive Attack), who jumps on a plane to take part in an entertaining eight hour
recording session in the Filewile studio in Bern, Switzerland.
Songs from the new album “Blueskywell” are performed live during Filewile concerts as early as summer 2008. The album is finished
in spring 2009 after almost two years in production. “Blueskywell” shows Filewile in a new light: more Pop, more vocals, more refrain,
more space-echo, more thrust, more live. Joy Frempong with her vocalising and her lyrics is a major influence to the album while Mago
Flueck transports the live feel and the Reggae bass from the stage to the studio.
The single “Number One Kid” features mixes by Robot Koch, Algorythm & Blues, Mercury and Ramax and comes with a wonderful
video clip.



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