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nokeys (Italy)

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The only thing that’s small about nokeys is the letter case they use to write their name.

All the rest is big, from their sound to their ambition.

nokeys are a new wave/post punk type of band (their references scope from Depeche Mode and Joy Division to early U2 and the Smiths among others).

nokeys have a past, but they’re not very interested in it. They’re interested in their present.

And their present is “the regency”, a 10 song album produced by Swedish producer Stefan Boman (Kent, Hellacopters and many other nordic acts), mixed and mastered in Stockholm between December 2008 and January 2009.

After releasing “The regency” in November 2009 in Italy (SFEM /Audioglobe) and Sweden (SFEM/Wonderland),  nokeys have collected lots of reviews, played at indie festival MI AMI, done two mini tours in Scandinavia and filmed 2 videoclips in Sweden. They’ll soon start working with Stefan Boman on their second album.

nokeys want to keep presenting their music live and they’re determined to work hard in order to build up a fan base in any country with their label (SFEM) and their booking agencies (NAZ promotions in Sweden and 2Pier in Italy).

nokeys have been around for a while, so they don’t have any absurd expectations.

But they got very clear ideas.

Promotion & Press:

Italy:  Antonella Lavini  [email protected]

Sweden: NAZ Promotions  [email protected]

Booking: Italy: 2Pier www.2pier.it

Contact info: [email protected]



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