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“Teppichklopfer” or “Pracker” is the Austrian term for a beater to clean carpets with, made from willow or

rattan. The base material is wrought into a loopy kind of meshwork, loosely resembling a tennis racket

or, in its smaller version, a cloverleaf. More modern beaters are also made from plastic. For the purpose

of cleaning a rug with these beaters, the carpet is brought out of the house into the open, where it is

hung over a carpet beating frame and hit vigorously with the beater. Through this procedure, dust and

other dirt is loosened and removed. (translated from: http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Teppichklopfer)

In the science-fiction novel “star of the unborn” by Franz Werfel, which was finished 1945 (!), one can

find, on page 256, a rather prophetic appearing description of a, seen from the future, past style of

dancing: “…. supported by stubborn carpet beating, a compressed music…”  A closer look at the text

passage provides the willing reader with a rather astonishing discovery: Werfel is talking about techno or

house music ! How he could foresee this style of dancing and music more than 50 years ago will maybe

remain an enigma forever, in any case Ogris Debris have taken the carpet beating to heart.

And they celebrate it together with their audience at every occasion with zest and zeal. On AND off stage!

After all, even pioneer Karlheinz Stockhausen already knew that for a dedicated electronic musician, at

least one evening of dancing per week is absolutely mandatory. So even if Ogris Debris are prone to

putting a dancing spell on their audience, they are not into no hocus-pocus but rather paint the town

bright red, going the whole hog! With a lot of care, of course. Pressed on vinyl their leaning towards

experimentation with styles and innovation is handled emphatically, but on stage you can feel their

contagious party attitude, excessive dancing and singing prone to happen! And in order not to be to

bland, there is always room for new flavors. Hence the motto: never to fall too far down the pigeonhole,

coo-coo-cachoo. Also lyric-wise, urban fauna and flora (Miezekatze), the psyche of party people (G-

Thong) or the body itself are most highly welcome as thematical playgrounds: Work that body! Remixers

like Dave Aju (Circus Company), youANDme (Ornaments), Dorian Concept and Brothers’ Vibe appreciate

this and join in to tell their part of the story.

A steady growing catalogue of releases on labels like Compost Black Label, Rotary Cocktail and Estrela

provides the means to bring the tracks of “the Oh, the Dee” (as the two great pretenders, who can

sometimes be real teasers, like to put it) into the crates and mixes of many a dj, and maybe not only

Pokerflat chief Steve Bug knows: “There is probably no one as crazy as Ogris Debris…”

Oh, and by the way, Ogris Debris are from Vienna and they are sitting on a swing. They call it “Sexy

Chair”. They use it to oscillate between techno and house music, well, in full swing, sort of. Actually

Daniel Kohlmeigner and Gregor Ladenhauf are two really bad pranksters, or how they say in Austria:

“Lausbuam”. But once you experience Ogris Debris live, you learn that they will rather shake your leg

than sell you down the river. Even though you may get the impression somehow. Yet hidden behind all

that show-off disguise is a wholehearted enthusiasm for that special funk inbetween the four to the floor.

A lot of experience in various genres of electronic music plus an arsenal of wisely chosen musicmachines

equals maximum euphoria on the dancefloor.


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