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SONIA BREX (Italy/Germany)

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” For those fall/winter, in door intellectual folks who have just endured another summer of tropical heat in Mitteleuropa, Sonia Brex’ s Winter in Summer”, is an antidote to your suffering.” Do you need an excuse to stay inside/inside your self/inside your room/the only place you feel secure,” she sings. Born and raised in sunny Sicily, Brex understands your dilemma. Her debut (on Duplikat records) was written, performed, and produced all by her self, at home (in her apartment) in East Berlin, where she has lived since the early 90s.A true believer in DIY, Brex’s excursions in poetic, down- tempo, electro-pop are thoughtful, melodic, uplifting and bilingual (she sings beautifully in both Italian and English)..” from: 7.5/10 think, Tony Ozuna

Sonia Brex or frau Brex studied piano and classical music at the conservatory of Catania (It). – With the band “Quartered Shadows” (C.Basile, T.Marletta and A.Platania) she moves to Berlin (De) where she is still living. -1993 “Falso Movimento“ Photo-Music-reportage with the photograph Gino Benelli at the “Sommer Akademie Festival ” (Academy of Art/ Berlin), she worked for the first time with computer samples. -1994 “Invisible Publi(city)” Photo-Music-reportage again with Gino Benelli at the second “Sommer Akademie Festival“ (Academy of Art/ Berlin) -1995/96 She composed and performed sound-tracks for dance performances “Camminando sul muro” and “Cuore elettrico” both with the dancer/choreographer D.Agosta. In the same year she starts as front-woman the music project “Miß Cotta“ -1997/99 Sonia is performing and experimenting with different DJs of indi-electronic berlin scene, DJ Tchaba, Electro Nauten and mostly with the audio-video project “Rechen Zentrum“with whom she participates in the memorable Berlin-Tokio-Sessions. -1999/ 2000 Utilising her laptop she became soloist and realizes her first-self-produced maxi single: A change (12.2000) She plays hammond, synths and accordeon in the brit-pop band “Tracy“ (B.Hamilton, P.Bonin, N.Reinolds) -2000/2002 In collaboration with “Miss Lata“ spanish stylist, she performs alone in Germany. Concurrently she collaborates with the Dj producer S.Rogall in the realization of a few Dj- tracks. -2002/2003 “Brex & Mishto“ audio-video project with the video-maker Elisa Mishto (Italy/Berlin), WRO Festival (Poland), Dissonanze (Italy), Recycling Art Festival (Berlin) -2003 Participation in the feature film sound-track “A modo mio“ from director „Valerio Jalongo“ presented this year at the Torino Film festival. Self-Production of debut album “Winter in Summer“ (Duplikat Records) -2004/2005 “Experiences” in “SoulAquarium” of Razoof (Nesta R.) – “Brex & Wickinger“, with producer Lars Wickinger (Traumschallplatte) a electro-trip-hop project.”winter in summer- eu tour ” . -2006 always passionate music selector now Sonia under FRAU BREX plays and mixes her tracks with live singing and samples. -2006 /2007, a new partnership with the italian cartoon artist Piero Tonin with whom she shares her passion for vintage animation and style, (especially to “La linea” of Osvaldo Cavandoli) . Together they are creating a new character ” Frau Brex ” -10.2008 “Naif” in Achtung Music (bmc compilation) – - 21.12.2008 “Lampada” wintersong (angeltone) – - 2009 October, “Early Morning Breaks” Various Artists (Peacelounge) — 2010 Mai, “Frühling in Berlin” video !! – - 2010 September, “Naif” New Album (Piranha)


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