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Born in Australia to a classically trained Sri Lankan mother, Raj Siva-Rajah was a boy caught between two worlds. From the age of 8 he began mastering the classical Carnatic music of the east, while falling in love with the progressive rock sound of the 70’s. In 2006 Raj met lead guitarist Bob Spencer and soon afterwards The Sunpilots were born.

The Sunpilots released their debut album Living Receiver in late 2008 to rave reviews in Australia, Europe and the US, including a MusicOz award and an “Indie Album of the Year” and two “Indie Album of the Week” awards from music press. Since then, the band has achieved a #1 most added song on Australian radio, music video airplay on Video Hits (VH) and Channel V in 8 countries, a ‘most watched’ music video on YouTube and three ‘Top 10 Most Played Songs’ on MySpace (Indie Rock charts). This success was recognised when The Sunpilots won Radio Australia’s ‘New Artists 2 Radio’ (NA2R) award. The band performed at the Australian Radio Awards to a national audience, receiving an overwhelming response.

The Sunpilots have completed 4 high-profile national tours and are quickly becoming a festival favourite thanks to shows that reviewers have described as “electric” and “stadium-worthy”. From street press to writers for Rolling Stone, the band has earned themselves a reputation as a must-see live act.

More recently, The Sunpilots have been turning heads around the globe. Fans across Europe and North America have been flocking to the band’s websites to connect with their music, leading to the largest MySpace (www.myspace.com/thesunpilots) and YouTube (www.youtube.com/thesunpilots) profiles of any Australian band. This passionate response from international fans brought The Sunpilots to the attention of MySpace, who featured them on the MySpace Music homepage as a ‘MySpace Featured Artist’. Similarly, Apple has now featured two of the band’s tracks as iTunes ‘Singles of the Week’.

In North America, strong college radio support has led to The Sunpilots winning ‘Best International Artist’ at the Canadian Independent Music Awards and ‘Single of the Year’ at the LA Music Awards. The band was also one of 15 rock finalists in the International Songwriting Competition. Judged by the likes of Tom Waits, Julian Casablancas (The Strokes), Robert Smith (The Cure) and Joe Satriani, the ISC is the most prestigious songwriting competition in the world.

After 12 months of hard work in the studio, The Sunpilots have now completed their second album, King of the Sugarcoated Tongues. The new album takes more cues from what has made The Sunpilots’ so popular on the live and festival circuit, i.e. a more progressive rock sound. The new tracks have been described as a refreshingly original mixture of Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Muse and Incubus.

With new album in hand, The Sunpilots will be relocating to Berlin for 12 months of European touring, beginning with a showcase at Popkomm in September. King of the Sugarcoated Tongues will be officially released in Spring 2011, after European booking, distribution/label and management partnerships have been finalised.

With excitement already building amongst fans and industry, The Sunpilots are poised to set Europe alight in 2010 / 2011.

“It was a remarkable performance… The Sunpilots saw fit to add wailing guitar solos, ‘Achilles Last Stand‘-style vocal theatrics and slap basslines. Whoa!! They sure got our attention.” Andrew McMillen, Rolling Stone, AUS

“If anthemic and soaring rock adhere to your taste, then The Sunpilots will appear as something of a revelation to you. With their debut album Living Receiver, the Sydney quartet has delivered an album fit for stadiums. INDIE ALBUM OF THE WEEK.” The Brag, AUS

“Poetic rock with the energy of Pearl Jam and the dark undertone of Radiohead…”

Soundscape Magazine, USA

“The Sunpilots are one of the best live bands I’ve seen in a long time. Few acts can wrap crowds around their little fingers; even fewer truly lose themselves in their music. These guys do both… Watch these guys play – you won’t be disappointed.” Kaleidoscope, AUS

“A beautifully crafted rock album – 4 stars.” Reverb Magazine, AUS

“Perhaps it is a given that Living Receiver will be a hit. It deserves to be.” The Weekly, AUS

“The Sunpilots could sway stadium crowds if their stagecraft is any match for their strong musical sense of drama and dynamics. There’s certainly enough passion in singer Raj Siva-Rajah’s delivery.” The Drum Media, AUS

“Smart modern rock which is irresistible… There are no fillers- just listen to the suggestive opening track “Animals in my mind”. Raj is a truly great singer with an emotional voice that makes the music come alive.” Melodic Magazine, SWEDEN

“The Sunpilots sent shivers down my spine.” Musikmantra, UK

“There is no question that The Sunpilots have growing public support. From the members on their MySpace site to the listeners contacting radio stations around the country to request their songs, there is a growing buzz surrounding the band.” Soulshine, AUS

“Poetic, edgy and unique, the album highlights the band’s ability to not only tell a great story, but to play them out like instant classics… Great sound, great story tellers and great cover art, what more can a person ask for? My suggestion, get on this bandwagon before it gets crowded.” Mediasearch, AUS

“I was hooked from the very first listen. There is something in their music that grabs you and makes you sit up and say, “Hey, these guys have a message and they sure know how to put it forward”. If you enjoy melodic emotional rock then do yourself a favour and check these guys out.”

The Naked Dwarf, AUS



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