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TRACER (Australia)

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Forming out of the ashes of blues prodigy band The Brown Brothers in 2004, Michael (Vocals and guitar) and Leigh Brown (Vocals and Bass) teamed up with drummer Andre Wise to make Tracer.

With a sound reminiscent of 90’s grunge/stoner rock mixed with the everlasting bravado of 70’s classic rock, Tracer is a driving, sonic sledgehammer of massive guitars, clever hooks and raw uncompromising vocals.

After two years of gigging in their hometown of Adelaide, Tracer released their debut EP Into The Night (2007) and toured through regional South Australia, Melbourne and Sydney with airplay on community radios.

During 2008 and 2009 Tracer took on an extensive touring schedule with multiple trips to Melbourne, a swag of successful Adelaide shows including a capacity crowd at the album launch for their second critically acclaimed album “L.A.?”

“We wanted something that sounded international,” said guitarist/vocalist Michael Brown, “so we spent a lot of time in pre-production and made sure that we didn’t cut any corners in the studio. The result is something that we’re all truly proud of”.

L.A.? is an album that you need turn up loud and chug beer to. End of the Samurai kicks in with a monstrous riff and dramatic vocals. Tracer’s first single Wrecking Ball bears its teeth at track three, introducing listeners to Michael’s beautifully brutal, one-of-a-kind baritone guitar. Unlike previous releases, Leigh Brown’s enormous voice is on display on two tracks and the band’s impressive musicianship shines on crowd favourite Sleep By The Fire.

In late 2009, Tracer toured Europe for three and a half months taking in Germany, Holland, U.K., Denmark, Switzerland, Czech. Tracer also toured as part of The Great Australian Wave (a showcase that was to play PopKomm in Germany). Due to the success of Tracer’s first international tour, the band will be returning in 2010 for another whirlwind tour to solidify their presence in the European rock scene and summer festival circuit.

2010 is going to be another busy year for Tracer with another recording and more national and international tours scheduled. Watch this space, it is the year of Tracer.

“There is pure energy from first to last note, they do their thing so good it`s practically impossible not to go along with it.” Bernd Bruggermann – www.musik.australische-kultur.de (Germany)

“Tracer quite simply blew the audience away with their grandiose sound…Their set was as intriguing as their party tricks (guitars played behind heads and drums played backwards), which received much praise along with the frontman’s fierce guitar work” Monika Laskowski – dB Magazine

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