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“An album of angsty electronica, sung by Taylor in a mainly falsetto voice that, usefully, simultaneously recalls Thom Yorke at his most existentially anxious and Justin Timberlake at his most sexually rapacious.”- The Guardian

“Like Sufjan Stevens discovered electro music under the influence of Matthew Dear”- gogoparis.com, France

‘This is a guy who writes effortlessly well constructed songs – has a voice that could simultaneously sculpt glass, and reassure abandoned kittens – and has invented a sound all of his own, a truly post-modern mix that should make him all-encompassing – 4.5/5″- SubbaCultcha.com, UK

“The organic warm sounds of acoustic guitar and piano are seamlessly mixed, with electronic beats and jarring glitches, creating a record that is really quite interesting and unique”- Bloggertronix.com, Canada

“A massive CLASH between Justin Timberlake and Thom Yorke, in the boxing ring of pop 2008, a large hook on the left, you fall to the ground and your trainer struggles to revive you. There goes the bell, and you’re dead”- J’ai la Cassette de la Maison, France

“The album that Michael Jackson would have made if his genius resurfaced in 2008″- Titel Magazine, Germany

“An Epic soundcraft, masterminded for huge success”- Helene Ramos, DJ/Journalist, Peru

“It’s not always easy to discern the good from bad in such a turmoil of styles [of the UK music scene], and yet some groups still manage to mark the coup without having to worry about any competition. Trouble Over Tokyo is undeniably part of this thin slice of privileged, and not without merit, I must say”- Liabality Webzine, France

“It’s just totally different than the typical singer-songwriters of the past: There is no lonely man with his guitar, but music, not afraid of electronics, like synth-harmony-stage shows and [Taylor is] not afraid..”- AlternativMusik.de, Germany

“Focus your attention on this FAST”- Rolling Stone Magazine, Russia

“Like a Warped Jeff Buckley, or, say, Cry Me A River performed by a Timberlake who grew up with Yorke’s sense of unease and krautrock albums, a Timberlake who then went on to make records for German experimental electronic music label Mille Plateaux.”- The Guardian

“Hearts will melt – 9/10″- OutOfSpace.ch, Switzerland

‘A fresh wind on the cheeks, one slowly climbs the steps of these “Pyramids” until finishing on the title track, which summarizes perfectly why one has ridden so high…’- Electropeople.com

“The young Londoner’s second offering is an astonishing effort and asserts a style which mixes experimentation, lo-fi and r&b productions in the Timbaland mould. The sceptical reader could believe it to be a con – not at all: TOT offers an illuminated DIY album in the spirit of the first Beck records – Trouble Over TOKYO can contemplate massive success”- Standard Magazine, France

“The King is dead, Long live the King”- Plattentests.de, Germany



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