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VINNIE WHO (Denmark)

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TIME: 21:30-22:00


VINNIE WHO is the multi-talented Niels Bagge Hansen, who has created an uproar at venues and festivals in recent months because he, together with his six piece band, never fail to create a party wherever they play.

Niels Bagge Hansen cares not a jot for limitations and inhibitions, and this is perhaps key to the atmosphere he manages to produce, causing the audience to give themselves over to the swinging beat and great melodies.

When you see VINNIE WHO there can be no doubt: the thin, androgynous front figure has full control over the music, orchestra and not least the audience. A control, which is only relinquished when Niels himself thinks it’s time to do so. He writes all the music and lyrics himself, and does much of the recording singlehandedly. Behind the producer’s desk sits Lasse Lyngbo, who plays with Diefenbach and White Pony, amongst others.

“What You Got Is Mine” deals with the search for identity in ourselves and others. The B-side “Rise With You” is the radio single’s opposite, both in length and mood, but has long been a live favourite.

VINNIE WHO have already played Roskilde (2009), Iceland Airwaves (2009) and by:Larm (2010) and are poised to surpass the hype around them to become one of the most exciting bands of their generation. Keep your eyes and ears peeled in the coming months.

Said about VINNIE WHO:

“Front man Niels Bagge took the show from zero to hundred within the first four songs ending with a disco frency + cowbell whacking in The Fall… Few Danish bands know how to work a beat like Vinnie Who, and even fewer know how to orchestrate it live with an army of analog and digital instruments. Their live performance is powerful, passionate and the perfect mix of visual and audio stimulation” –I’m The Internet review of Rust, Denmark concert: November 6, 2009

Booking:     www.pdh.dk

Malte Erbs [email protected]

Management: www.made.no (Norway)

Chris Wareing [email protected]



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