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The Popkomm Showcase Festival takes place in venues in and around the Popkomm centre – the uniquely historic Tempelhof Airport – and the surrounding neighbourhood of Kreuzberg, Berlin.

The showcases will take place during the afternoon and evening of Wednesday 8th and Thursday 9th September in various interesting and unusual bars, clubs, dancehalls and theatres all within walking distance of the airport and close to the vibrant, restaurant-packed area of Bergmannstraße.

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The district of Kreuzberg is situated between Tiergarten, Schöneberg and the government district of Berlin-Mitte. Kreuzberg has long been one of Berlin’s most famous districts. Although it evokes different things to different people, it’s probably its cultural and ethnic diversity that stands to the fore. Kreuzberg is very much characterised by an alternative lifestyle and culture introduced in the 1970s by citizen and student movements. This is particularly evident in the district around Mehringdamm, with the Bergmannstraße as the main shopping street with its many cafés and junk shops. The crossroads at Mehringdamm, Yorckstraße and Gneisenaustraße is one of the most pleasant locations in Kreuzberg. Bars and restaurants line the streets. Particularly interesting during the day is Bergmannstraße with its trendy cafés, colourful boutiques and junk shops. The street scene is enlivened with busy galleries, antique shops, flea markets and numerous street cafés. The diverse foreign restaurants and the market hall with its specialities all contribute to the multicultural atmosphere.

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