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We asked some of the Popkomm visitors which acts from the Showcase Festival Programme they were looking forward to seeing and why. Here’s what we got……

Gregor Stöckl

KELLERMENSCH (Denmark): I’ve heard and read some stuff, listened to the album, liked it a lot, saw a video which impressed me and expect nothing less than a massive, striking live-show and don´t want to get disappointed by them…!

HAUDEGEN (Germany): Ich bin ein Berliner. These guys are too. So, let´s see.

JESSE (Finland): I like what people have told me about them and would like to check out how far/advanced they already are and how ready the world is for them.

Gregor Stöckl is a music industry consultant and artist manager, based in Berlin, Germany. http://www.gregorstoeckl.de


Martin Hjorth

THE BLACK ATLANTIC (Holland): To be honest, I don’t know a lot of Dutch music, and the country might be associated primarily with the dance scene, but The Black Atlantic are excelling in creating these pretty little indie folk/pop songs that sound like they’re always on the verge of going grand. There are many details to be found in the music, and as one reviewer once said, it might just sound like what Bon Iver’s Emma, Forever Ago had sounded like if he’d made it with a bunch of friends. It’s singer/songwriter pop with minimal percussion and lots of almost careful instrumentation and great vocal harmonies. Will be exciting to see how far they can take their songs live.

AND SO I WATCH YOU FROM AFAR (Northern Ireland): Since the big post-rock wave there hasn’t been that much interesting instrumental, guitar-based music coming out. Belfast quartet And So I Watch You From Afar have definitely revived my faith in this type of music. They’re quite unique, and there’s also great variation in their material. They practically spent the entire 2009 touring the world, so they’ll be in top shape for Popkomm. I can’t wait to see them live for the first time.

SPLEEN UNITED (Denmark): As a last recommendation, I guess I should highlight a Danish. I’ve been following Spleen United for quite a few years now as they’re from my hometown, Aarhus. They’ve never sounded quite like anything else in Denmark, and they’ve always been a great live act. I haven’t seen them in a while, and I’ve heard that they’ve only got better since. They used to make this almost spacey electro rock with a futuristic touch that’s as much romantic as it is disturbingly and almost threateningly dystopian, and now they’ve gone full-blown electro-synth with no guitars and no bass. They’ve just made a new album, and from what I’ve heard so far it’ll be one of the most exciting things to come out of Denmark this year.

Martin Hjorth is a freelance journalist, based in Berlin, Germany, and representing GAFFA magazine at Popkomm 2010. http://gaffa.dk/


Hilary Kavanagh

THE CAST OF CHEERS (Ireland): I saw this band playing in Whelans of Dublin after a recommendation from my friend Keith at IMRO. A few of us went along to check them out and were very impressed! They are the sound of the moment and we thought it would be a good idea to add them to the Berlin Festival line-up as one of the Popkomm Showcase acts. A lot of people are talking about them in Ireland so we hope that the gospel will spread in Berlin. Do check them out at one of their gigs.

THERESE AUNE (Norway): Therese was the first act I saw at By:Larm this February in Oslo. Freezing outside but Therese made us all feel rather cosy with her incredible voice, charm and touch of humour. I brought some friends to see her and they all had a ball and fell for her immediately. She is certainly a talented young lady and not to be missed in Berlin!

THE MEGAPHONIC THRIFT (Norway): Yes, there have been comparisons made to one of my all-time favourite bands – from the 90s, but many of us saw them several times at the By:Larm festival in Norway. They are another Berlin Festival band and are perfect to lead into an amazing line-up of City Slang artists on the same stage, so get your beer, check out these Norwegians and then stay for more with Zola Jesus!

Hilary Kavanagh is founder of Berlin Festival. http://www.berlinfestival.de


Siad Rahman

SWEATMASTER (Finland): A friend of mine showed me the band maybe 5 years ago and I was blown away. Unfortunately, I’ve never seen them live so I guess I will join their show.

TANZ, BABY! (Austria): I like this minimal sound mixed with good German lyrics. Jawohl!

SPLEEN UNITED (Denmark): Great songs, great sound and hopefully a lot of dancing people.

Siad Rahman is Repertoire Manager at EMI Music Publishing Germany. http://www.emimusicpub.com



AND SO I WATCH YOU FROM AFAR (Ireland): We’re looking forward to seeing And So I Watch You From Afar play because they’re the first band in a long time that’s brought some fresh ideas to postrock. They’re aware of the genre’s playbook, but they don’t just attend to people’s expectations. They’d rather challenge and undermine the current notion of postrock with unexpected twists and turns in virtually all of their songs. – Daniel Gerhardt & the VISIONS Team.


Mathias Schwarz

JESSE (Finland): Jesse is the kind of band that can only come out of Finland and why I always loved this country. Two excellent dressed guys that refers to only Kraftwerk and Megadeath can’t be wrong! Kiittttos!

THE MEGAPHONIC THRIFT (Norway): I guess they cannot hear this reference anymore but The Megaphonic Thrift are definitely walking in the dirty boots of Sonic Youth. Anyway, it sounds great and they’ll probably shake this link off some day …

I GOT YOU ON TAPE (Denmark): The Danish band around lead singer Jakob Bellens has an incredible good sense for giving their athmospheric songs the right touch of deepness, darkness and slowness. Like black honey would taste.

Mathias Schwarz is a booking agent from Powerline Agency, Berlin. http://www.powerline-agency.com


Tessy Schulz

MARTIN AND JAMES (UK/Germany): 2 guitars + 2 voices – all thats needed to space you out . Great play of 2 male voices; havent heard in such a harmony for long, smoother than finest cashmere, simple and pure but enough to excite masses! A must-see.

FALLULAH (Denmark): She can certainly craft a song! Melancholic on one side and refreshing banjos, uptempo songs liberating into great pop songs. She is young, she is real and Im sure she’s gonna deliver on stage.

JULLY BLACK (Canada): incredible voice, dance + urban with a touch of soul; Never saw her live so far, but Im sure this will be great energy.

Tessy Schulz is an International Music Business Manager and Consultant based in Berlin.


Philipp Styra

KELLERMENSCH (Denmark): die beste Liveband, die ich 2010 gesehen habe. Irgendwie düstere Arcade Fire mit HASS… Oder Neurosis auf Indie? / The best live band I have seen in 2010.

AND SO I WILL WATCH YOU FROM AFAR (Ireland): habe die Band auf den SXSW beim Vorbeigehen gehört und konnte dann nicht weitergehen. Super Live Band – ein Sänger fehlt definitiv nicht. / A super live band.

MURMANSK (Finland): top CD, bin auf die Show gespannt. / top CD, looking forward to their show.

Philipp Styra is a Berlin-based booking agent at Creative Talent. http://www.creative-talent.net/


Dietmar Schwenger

IIRIS (Estonia): There’s a simple reason why I want to see Iiris: I’ve witnessed them and their gorgeous singer at the Tallinn Music Week and it was a wonderful night. I just want to relive this kind of experience once again and see if it was for real …

LAURA JANSEN (NETHERLANDS/USA): It’s the songs – just those well-crafted songs that make me want to go her Popkomm-showcase. I’ve seen her a couple of times in the Netherlands and now want to find out if she can achieve that kind of an impact with the German audiences as well.

DE STAAT (Netherlands): I’ve written a review of the current album (which by the way is a very good one), but in order to fully understand those crazy Dutch people you have to see them live on stage: when they rock or funk or sing beautiful harmonies or do anything at all.

Dietmar Schwenger is Editor of MusikWoche, based in Munich. http://www.mediabiz.de/musik/news


The Nordic By Nature Crew

THE GHOST (Faroe Islands): Perfect electro-pop? Extremely energetic live show? We can’t wait to see what the hype is all about.

KELLERMENSCH (Denmark): Boots wide apart, sweat dripping on the audience and enough strings to blow your ears out. We are excited like before a Bruce Springsteen concert.

JESSE (Finland): We can not resist the gangster mentality, the (possibly made-up?) stories about spending time in jail, the catchy techno-pop beats, or the lumberjack shirts and moustaches.

Nordic By Nature is a Berlin-based promoter and DJ team hosting monthly Scandinavian music clubs and other Nordic events. http://www.nbnberlin.de/


Florian Lippmann

YUKON BLONDE (Canada): Nice outfit from Canada. Nice Pop with a good feeling. Multi Voice Choirs. I’m really looking forward seeing them live.

I GOT YOU ON TAPE (Denmark): Very spheric. Very emotional. Hopefully they can bring the same feelings live.

MURMANSK (Finland): I’ve heard it should be a ass kicking live show. Let’s see.

KELLERMENSCH (Denmark): Worst name ever but nice music. That’s what counts. Pretty dark and on point.

THE MEGAPHONIC THRIFT (Norway): Awesome Band! Full of Power! Absolutely great! Member of the low frequency in stereo. You’ll hear the bells ringing.

TWO HOURS TRAFFIC (Canada): Canadian Pop number two. Nice guitar pop with perfect melody lines. Will be nice to watch them.

YES CADETS (Ireland): I’m not really 100% into this kind of indie pop rock. There is a german phrase for it “der drops ist gelutscht.” But the guys look interesting and I will check them out live.

Florian Lippmann is a booking agent, based in Frankfurt-Am-Main, with Stagents Konzertagentur. http://stagents.eu



LAURA JANSEN (Netherlands/USA): Laura Jansen is an incredibly charming live performer who captivates the audience with her solo acoustic show as well as playing together with her band. Laura is already a star in her home country, The Netherlands, and has really got the potential to become internationally famous.

MARIE FISKER (Denmark): Marie Fisker´s music is dark and passionate in the tradition of great singer/songwriters like Mazzy Star or P.J. Harvey
She´s an extraordinary live performer with an hypnotic appeal you simply cannot resist.
FastForward is a Lifestyle and Entertainment magazine based in Berlin. http://fastforward-magazine.de/


Alex Knoke

FALLULAH (Denmark): the songs of Falluha are very intersting arranged, you never know what will happen next. The emotinal repertoire ranges from honest sadness to powerfull anger, Falluha creats music for autumn, heart and head, in the best tradition of  Tory Amos.

MURMANSK (Finland): Deep and epic soundwalls from up-north, anarchy and protest seem to be the inspiration for songs that should be played and listened to live on stage.

DE STAAT (Netherlands):  It is a strange mixture that De Staat offer, sometimes you feel backwarded to the Talking-Heads- sound of the 80s, the very next moment De Staat play an industrial – tone you would not expect. The songs of De Staat leave a questionmark in my head which I d like to be answered by seeing them performing.

Alexander Knoke is Promotions  and Press Manager of Frannz Club, Kulturbrauerei, Berlin. http://www.frannz.de


Alberto Guijarro

VINNIE WHO (Denmark): Fresh air for the electronic-dance scene, another return to nu-disco. I can find many influences, from the best classic disco to the masters of electronic beats but perhaps the most I’ve been surprised is a kind of sound from… Flash and the Pan!!

PINTANDWEFALL (Finland): It sounds like 2 minutes pills of garage-punk-rock making your head explode in sweet melodies… in rriot girl style, of course.

KIKI PAU (Finland): Kiki Pau is a fucking good band, with (too) good songs, (too) good melodies, (too) good guitar riffs, (too) good vocal leader… Perhaps too perfect for me but I guess their live will be as good as his record.

Alberto Guijarro is Director of San Miguel Primavera Sound. http://www.primaverasound.com


Oliver Bergmann

KELLERMENSCH (Denmark): If Kerrang magazine describes a live performance as something between Joy Divison, Bruce Springsteen and Dillinger Escape Plan – it sounds like a must-see to me.

MURMANSK (Finland): If you like feedback guitars this is your band – very atmospheric post-rock with a great female singer, very intense and with a lot of energy, hope they have a good light show too.

PINTANDWEFALL (Finland): Definitely different than any other Girl Band you have seen before – entertaining, & funny punk/garage rock from Finland.

Oliver Bergmann is a founder of Oktober Promotion, based in Hamburg. http://www.oktoberpromotion.com


Sami Häikiö

JESSE (Finland): In Popkomm 2008, we had a party at the huge Finnish stand in Messe Halle. Jesse played their synth riffs with their truck driver hats and moustache from 70s German tv shows. At the same time the whole band of Lordi wandered around with their monsters costumes in the middle of people having drinks and everyone was like WTF is going on?

MOTO BOY (Sweden): He was a guest on my radio show and sang his songs with guitar and a tiny amplifier right in front of me in the studio. Beautiful songs, touching voice and a very nice guy. And business wise Moto Boy’s website is one of the best artist websites, I must say.

SWEATMASTER (Finland): This back to basics-trio comes from Turku and Turku is the European Capital of Culture 2011. Sweatmaster shows there’s been real ass kicking rock’n'roll culture in the city for years! New album just came out. If you are a demon and you love rock’n'roll – enjoy their tight boogie-woogie.

Sami Häikiö is Project Manager at the Finnish Music Export office as well as a presenter on Radio Helsinki. http://www.musex.fi. (Sami points out that he recommends ALL Finnish artists appearing at Popkomm).


Nico Meckelnburg

SWEATMASTER (Finland): I listened to their record “Animal” almost a million times, great album, but I´ve never seen them live before, so I´m very keen to see them finally on stage.

PINTANDWEFALL (Finland): I like their records and their shows are very funny. These 4 tiny girls from Finland can cover a 100m wide stage very easily.

HAUDEGEN (Germany): I´m one of their first fans – and now their manager too. So I love to go to the gig and I have to go to the gig. Come along, but pay attention to your arms when you are there, you might get an Haudegen Tattoo by accident.

Nico Meckelnburg is a manager, publisher, consultant, and – with Axel Earler – is founder of Mec-Early Entertainment in Berlin. http://www.mec-early.com


D. Strauss

SONIA BREX (Italy/Germany): A Berlin and artworld mainstay unafraid of minor 7 chords and other jazzy errata, Sonia Brex’s unclassifiably eclectic semi-electropop maintains a calmness at its center that should appeal to fans of Barbara Morgenstern, Gudrun Gut and other considered and considerate types.

Movits (Sweden): Swedes have been invading Berlin for the last few years in an effort to garner an illusion of hipness, but they’re generally too young and comfortable to cover up their greenness with a fashionable scarf. Which is why I applaud Movitz for embracing and amplifying their geekiness. Swedish swing revival and Swedish hip hop sound ridiculous on their own: merging the two ends up being honestly charming.

MY HEART BELONGS TO CECILIA WINTER (Switzerland): Sometimes I suspect that European bands study Sonic Youth and Pavement in the same manner that the Rolling Stones hoarded Muddy Waters singles, but, just as an inability to play the blues led to the beginnings of rock music, so My Heart Belongs to Cecelia Winter colludes with the epic ascensions of the late-eighties/early-nineties (and with a touch of Brill Building, as well) to forge something honestly personal.

D. Strauss is Senior Editor of EXBERLINER Magazine. http://www.exberliner.com.


Alex Kralisch

FAMILJEN (Sweden): Great melodic electro pop from Sweden. Apparently they’re pretty big over there. I’ve been following their originals and remixes for quite some time.

FILM (Greece): Very visual alternative pop with deep soundscapes. Looking forward to see them live for the first time.
THE GHOST (Faroe Islands): Two-piece from the Färöer Islands. Sweet, perky pop pearls.
Alex Kralisch is a booking agent at Berlin-based Melt! Booking. http://www.meltbooking.com


Emil Larsson

FALLULAH (Denmark): interesting voice and good album,e specially “Bridges”, that is a good song.

VINNIE WHO (Denmark): – Great debut artist from Denmark. Saw him live in Oslo early in February, would love to see him again and see the development.

THE GHOST (Faroe Islands): the energetic duo from faroe island has a brilliant hit on the new album, its called “City Lights”.

Emil Larsson is a Stockholm-based agent and promoter working for Live Nation Sweden. http://www.livenation.se


Björn Meyer

HAUDEGEN (Germany): Music from the gutter, poetry from Berlin’s concrete wastelands. I´m very curious to check out these two blokes on stage.

PINTANDWEFALL (Finland): Very cool songs and maybe the most weird and absurd “girl-band” I´ve ever seen. OK, I`ve never seen the Spice Girls though…

KELLERMENSCH (Denmark): Maybe the most hyped band on the billing this year. They´ve got some some really cool tracks and I´ve only heard great comments on their live show. Two good reasons to check them out.

Björn Meyer is A&R Manager at Universal Publishing Germany.


Thomas Rohde

KELLERMENSCH (Denmark): Go see them! Hell, I’m in for a money back guarantee with this band: If their performance don’t totally knock you over – i.e. one of the best concerts you have seen in 2010… well, tell me so during Popkomm and I will promptly offer you a compensation (free drink or a wurst).

THE MEGAPHONIC THRIFT (Norway): I saw these guys at Roskilde Festival and at by:Larm earlier this year. If you like Sonic Youth, My Bloody Valentine, Shoegazer and their likes then you will be thrilled by The Megaphonic Thrift.
THE GHOST (Faroe Islands): Very charismatic lead singer. The duo is signed on Rob da Bank’s (BBC1) Sunday Best. The duo have now started performing with live band, which I look forward to check out at Popkomm.
Thomas Rohde is CEO of MXD – Music Export Denmark. http://www.mxd.dk


Angela Teistler

THE BLACK ATLANTIC (Netherlands): the mere thought of seeing The Black Atlantic live at Passionskirche is sending shivers down my spine. whether i will go back to my meetings after this showcase or decide to just lie in the grass and watch the clouds remains to be seen.

MURMANSK (Finland): I would like to be washed off my feet by this lot. physically. hair blowing in the wind and all that. a 30-minute power-shower of sound. that’s what I want. and from what i heard that’s what i’ll get, too!

BUDAM (Faroe Islands): this Faroese guy operates outside the world of genres. he is too young, really, to be writing such timeless songs and telling such dark tales of love and murder. but i still expect him to deliver something truly special….while we wait for him to become an old man.

Angela Teistler is a booking agent and owner of Geheimagentur in Berlin. http://www.geheimagentur.de


Sandra Wickert

JULIA MARCELL (Poland): ….because I once saw this snow-white-type like singer live and her version of Tokyo Hotel’s “Durch den Monsoon” was one of the best cover versions I’ve ever heard.

CHARTER (Germany): ….because their sound is refreshingly new and because I love the singer’s name: Antti, how cool is that?
MURMANSK (Finland): ….because of the incredible energy they create and because we just need more finnish music in germany!

Sandra Wickert is an editor of German music webzine, Popmonitor.Berlin. http://popmonitor.de


Peter Briggs

MOTO BOY (Sweden): Recently saw this act live in Sweden. With angelic vocals and haunting melodies Moto Boy delivers a capturing live performance which is quite unique. Think Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley with a modern touch and you won’t be disappointed. Yet another quality artist in the never ending flow of export ready artists to come out of Sweden. Less is more!

CHARTER (Germany): Following on from Moto Boy’s performance at 20.00 on Wednesday night you’ll make it with time to spare for Charter at 21.30. I’m a sucker for bands like Radiohead, MUSE, The Editors etc. If you are as well then check this band out. Never seen them live but intend to do so. Seductive rock songs with strong melodies that never get too pretentious. To top it all they’re a Berlin based band. As they say “When in Rome…”

DE STAAT (Netherlands): Dutch band De Staat has featured on our own showcase platform http://www.vip-booking.com Already well and truly established in their home country, this alternative rock act is continually breaking ground internationally.  Renowned for their live performances and with several prestigious festival shows under their belt including Glastonbury earlier this year. Seen them live at Eurosonic Noorderslag and looking forward to seeing them again.

Peter Briggs is General Manager at VIP-Booking.com. http://www.vip-booking.com


Mads Sørensen

KELLERMENSCH (Denmark): Because this is the best live-band I have seen in ages, because they are so intense, because they don´t sound like anythingelse I´ve heard EVER and last but definately not least because they got amazing songs. Be warned, be very warned.

THE MEGAPHONIC THRIFT (Norway): Because they sound like a lot like some of my heroes My Bloody Valentine and Sonic Youth in a blender with a slacker attitude. A bunch of noisy rockers indeed.
FAMILJEN (Sweden): Once in a while you need a motherfucker of a party and I wanna see if Familjen is still able to throw one of the best motherfucking parties around.
SWEATMASTER (Finland): Because I´ve never seen them live. Simple as that.
Mads Sørensen is a director and international booker at Beatbox Booking in Copenhagen. http://www.beatbox.nu/

Sarah Schwaab

BUDAM (Faroe Islands): I’m very interested to hear Budam’s sounds for the piano and the voice. In a quiet and experimental style.

THERESE AUNE (Norway): I’m really curious about Therese Aune.

DE STAAT (Netherlands): I’ve heard that De Staat are great live performers.

PINTANDWEFALL (Finland) and YUKON BLONDE (Canada): are also on my list, IF I get chance to see any of these showcases.

Sarah Schwaab is a music-loving member of this year’s Popkomm project team. http://www.popkomm.de


Klaus Gropper

BUDAM (Faroe Islands): Nick Cave feat. Lamb? Guess the graphic on their myspace profile (a traditional Japanese painting of a raging sea) is a hint on their pursuit of leaving anything unessential blank off their songs, like in a Zen masters painting… First you think, well, when will something kick in, but after a while it sinks deep into your mind, very deep…

IIRIS (Estonia): her voice reminds me of Kate Bush, but I kind of like her’s better. Two years ago, every showcase festival was flooded with pubertal emo girls, preferably from some remote nordic islands, lamenting on whatever… You can tell Singer Songwriter is not my cup of tea, but Iiris refreshingly stands out of the mass, presenting both, outstanding instinct for melodies and well, yes, beautiful poetry.
MURMANSK (Finland): In your face! In your face! In your face! A massive, solid, distorted wall of sound! The louder it get’s, the further they drive it, the more you get aware of the complex structures you can find in a piece of noise. Outstanding live performance!
Klaus Gropper is a consultant and blogger based in Berlin. http://foggslog.wordpress.com/


Yan Mangels

VINNIE WHO (Denmark): unfortunately going to miss their show, so somebody should tell me, how it was. Sort of cutting edge: could be crap, but hopefully is great!

KELLERMENSCH (Denmark): definitely one of the winners at this year`s Spot-Festival.

JULLY BLACK (Canada): Good voice – let´s see what the show is like!

Yan Mangels is a booking agent at Hamburg booking agency and promoter, FKP Scorpio. http://www.fkpscorpio.com/


Sophie Spillmann

FALLULAH (Denmark): Her  songs go straight to your heart, and make you want to know more about this singer from the North. Straight and honest. It feels like Feist with a cold breeze of freshness on a sunny morning in Autumn. I like!

THERESE AUNE (Norway): Piano, cello and voice, combined like a net of a friendly spider to lull you in a bittersweet and deep chocolate trip. Genuine and strong!

AND SO I WATCH YOU FROM AFAR (Ireland): Really promising space band, playful and spherical…looking forward to dive into their universe…

Sophie Spillmann works for Black Lamb Productions in Lausanne. http://blacklamb.ch


Stefan Baumschlager

OGRIS DEBRIS (Austria): I won’t disguise the fact that they are friends of mine, but these two are charming as they are talented and they are without some much as a shadow of a doubt sonic craftsmen of the highest international stature. I’m certainly not alone with that opinion and so no other than Gilles Peterson has selected their masterpiece MIezekatze as one of the WorldWide Winners. Besides anyone who calls one of their tracks Bobohemian Phatsody is a winner in my book.

The Megaphonic Thrift (Norway): I saw them at Summer Sundae where they performed at the Rising Artist Stage (powered by Last.fm). They absolutely brought the tent down and are just a great band to see live, because of their very intense and capturing performance. If you’ve like me grown up listening to The Pixis, Dinosaur Jr and Sonic Youth, you’ll love that band!

For the last one I thought I’d decide very pragmatically. I visited every band’s MySpace site and listened to them all. I was somewhat surprised about how many I would like. There is just so much great music out there that it’s impossible to listen to or even just know about it all… so I’ve noted down all the ones that I liked, namely FILM (Greece), FILEWILE (Switzerland), FALLULAH (Denmark), FAMILJEN (Sweden), DE STAAT (Netherlands), DARK ROOM NOTES (Ireland), IIRIS (Estonia), MARTIN & JAMES (UK/Germany), MOSS (Netherlands), nokeys (Italy), YES CADETS (Ireland), THE RAVENERS (Switzerland), RICH AUCOIN (Canada), THE CAST OF CHEERS (Ireland) & TROUBLE OVER TOKYO (UK/Austria); I picked the one that had the most listeners on Last.fm; which is FAMILJEN (Sweden) with over 100k listeners.

Stefan Baumschlager is the Head Label Liason at Last.FM in London. http://www.last.fm


Helen Sildna

MURMANSK (Finland): I have not managed to see them live yet, but I love their music – old favourites like Sonic Youth and My Bloody Valentine coming to you mind, mixed with Massive Attack’s Mezzanine-like darkness that sweeps over you with a good wall of sound sensibility. Moments of beauty and darkness blurred into a dream you won’t be able to shrug off when awake.

FILM (Greece): Not so often you come across a Greek indie band with elements of post-punk and clever Blondie-like new wave disco-pop. I hear they have a collaboration going with an Icelandic vocalist. Sounds exciting.

IIRIS (Estonia): Not because she is Estonian and I am too, but this girl is really something. Even if somebody turned off the music, you wouldn’t get bored just watching her doing whatever on stage. She is an out-of-this-world character and she’ll keep you wondering what fairytale or cartoon she just stepped out of. Her voice will remind you of Kate Bush but she is snappier, cooler and crispier and the songs are cleverly crafted melodies, full of surprise, seriousness and sincerity.

Helen Sildna is a promoter, radio DJ and organizer of Tallinn Music Week. www.tallinnmusicweek.ee


Björn Bauch

FAMILJEN (Sweden): Set up a show with him at Sweden, Sweden! a while back. Best live-act we ever had there so far. Expecting the same energetic set again at C-Club. You HAVE to see this one!

YUKON BLONDE (Canada): Hearing/Reading about them quite often lately. I Reckon i´m not the only one as they are headlining at Passionskirche on the 8th. Really looking forward to see them live.
KIKI PAU (Finland): Not knowing a lot of finnish bands this one i really like. Seems like a bunch of nice guys. Definitely wanna check them out on the 9th. Reminding me a bit of Pavement, which is good!
Björn Bauch is a booking agent and founder of UTS,M! Booking. http://utsm.de/


Patricia Stohmann

MARTIN AND JAMES (UK/Germany): I listened to their demo song „all over the news today“ two years ago. I was simply touched. Fantastic singer songwriter duo . It’s time to see them live.

FILM (Greece): I adore this kind of music – very atmospheric and arty. Like a film soundtrack. I’m really looking forward to seeing them live.

BUDAM (Faroe Islands): Some fine music from the Faroes. Leonard Cohen meets Nick Cave and Damien Rice.  Very emotional.

Patricia Stohmann is Project Manager of the inaugural Berlin Music Week. http://berlin-music-week.de/


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